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Camille's story

Camille is a nurse in Geneva. During her work, she is often obliged to wear a mask but unfortunately it makes her glasses fog up.

Camille wanted to improve her professional life and her daily comfort. She decided to come to the first free screening.

How refractive surgery changed my life

In his spare time, Marc plays a lot of tennis. When the clay gets in his eyes, he can't stand his contacts.

Wishing for more comfort and freedom in sports and in his daily life, he decided to come for a free screening for laser surgery. This examination showed that he was eligible for surgery. A few days later, Marc had the surgery.

Now he doesn't have to worry about his lenses and feels totally free to do whatever he likes.

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Linda's testimony, three days after her operation

After her surgery at Vision Laser, Linda has regained perfect vision. She would like to reassure those who are still hesitating to go ahead by sharing her experience. Indeed, the operation is painless and very fast, "20 minutes watch in hand".

My life has completely changed since the surgery.

Estefania, who was severely nearsighted and had astigmatism, gained a better quality of life after the operation. Thanks to the free screening, she received the best possible treatment and can now go about her daily life without glasses.

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Put an end to myopia!

Since he was a teenager, Julien wore contacts or glasses to correct his myopia, a constraint that affected his daily life, especially when playing sports.

Following his operation at Vision Laser, Julien recovered 100% vision the very next day. He was impressed by the speed, simplicity and efficiency of this operation which allowed him to gain so much freedom.

Victore's testimony

Like his girlfriend and brother, Victore trusted Vision Laser to restore his perfect vision. He suffered from astigmatism and nearsightedness and no longer needs contacts or glasses.

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Jonathan's laser surgery from A to Z

Jonathan tells us about the steps of his laser surgery. He is surprised and amazed by the speed of the procedure and impressed by the quality of his vision the day after the operation.

  • reception and preoperative explanations
  • preparation
  • laser operation
  • final result

Management and speed of the operation

Tania tells us how she experienced her operation. Although she felt a little nervous before the operation, she was taken care of step by step, reassured by our doctors and finally very surprised by the speed of her laser surgery.

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Top of the most frequently asked questions

Our expert, Dr. Bijan Farpour, answers the most frequently asked questions about laser refractive surgery.

  • Is the operation painful?
  • How long does the operation last?
  • Can I lose my sight because of the operation?
  • When can I return to work?
  • How long has refractive surgery been around?

Our team of specialists is there to assist you every step of the way.

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