Other methods


Prelex (PREsbyopic Lens EXchange) is a technique identical to that of cataract surgery by implantation of a multifocal lens. In case of presbyopia, the lens that has lost its accommodation is replaced by a multifocal lens. 

This procedure is intended for presbyopic patients over 50 years of age, especially if there is a refractive error such as hyperopia. Its goal is to free the patient from a dependence on glasses for distance vision, intermediate vision and near vision.

ICL / Implants Phakes*:

Phaco lenses are intended for patients who cannot benefit from laser surgery, mainly because their correction is too high or their cornea is too thin. 

In this case, a phake lens placed inside the eye corrects the defect. This type of lens, invisible to the naked eye, can be placed either in front of the iris (ARTISAN lens) or behind the iris (ICL lens). In the case of presbyopia, the crystalline lens that has lost its accommodation is replaced by a multifocal lens that allows you to see at any distance without glasses.

*(Phake means that the lens is preserved)

Removal of the clear lens:

This intraocular technique consists of the replacement of the clear non-cataracted lens. It allows the removal of the inner lens of the eye to replace it with a predetermined implant allowing clear vision.

This procedure, derived from cataract surgery, is generally intended for patients over 45 years of age who are very short-sighted (-10 to -15 diopters).


It is the combination of laser treatment (Lasik, Femtosecond Lasik or PRK) with intraocular lens implantation for the correction of severe myopia.

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