The laser operation

How the operation is carried out

Upon your arrival, you may be offered a relaxant. You will then lie down comfortably in the operating room under the laser device and an anesthetic will be administered by simply instilling eye drops that numb the surface of your eye.

A small retractor holds your eyelids open and the procedure can then proceed according to the method chosen beforehand (Femto Lasik / TransPRK / Supracor).

The operation is quick (about 15 minutes) and painless.

The first phase, access to the corneal treatment area, is performed.

Then, in the second phase, the laser modifies the curvature of your cornea according to your correction. Thanks to the Eye-Tracker, the laser follows the micromovements of the eye during the treatment, thus ensuring perfect precision and safety.

Protective glasses are provided to you as soon as you leave the operating room.

laser operation
laser operation

Directly after the operation

After the laser surgery, you will receive postoperative recommendations. Your vision will be blurred for a few minutes and then will improve hourly. We recommend that you return home accompanied by someone.

If the chosen technique is Femtosecond Lasik, you will be able to resume normal activity the next day depending on how you feel.

For the TransPRK technique, recovery takes place in the week following the operation with visual fluctuations regulating naturally little by little. Work can be resumed approximately one week to 10 days after the operation.

The results

Intervention techniques

The intervention technique is chosen according to the diagnosis of the preoperative consultation. 

  • CHF 2950/eye
  • Recovery in 1 or 2 days
    (A 2-day sick leave is issued)
  • CHF 1950/eye
  • Recovery in 1 week / 10 days
    (A 10-day sick leave is issued)
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