The Orbscan 3 is based on the latest technology. This device allows the surgeon to analyze the structure of your cornea in order to detect possible weaknesses. Thanks to this tool, the surgeon obtains a corneal cartography of your anterior and posterior surface as well as a thickness of all the points of your cornea. The regularity of your cornea is thus analyzed and the surgeon will be able to propose a laser treatment in adequacy with your eye.

A clinical decision support software, the Score, is then based on the data from the Orbscan 3 and gives an eligibility criterion. This software is a complementary security in the preoperative analysis.

The Orbscan 3, the Score, the thickness of your cornea, the analysis of your eye as well as your correction will allow the surgeon to confirm if the operation is possible. To date, the score is the first automated system for detecting and anticipating corneal pathologies.

orbscan 3 equipment


The Bausch & Lomb "TENEO" laser is a high-frequency laser (500 Hz) and benefits from the latest developments:

teneo laser equipment

Femtosecond laser

The Ziemer LDV Z4 Femtosecond Laser from Ziemer is a laser that allows for a corneal flap (phase 1) without the use of a blade. The concentration of laser pulses produces a precise and regular flap. Femtosecond Lasik increases the precision and safety of the corneal flap.

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